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Products & Services

Our large selection of draperies, fabrics, shutters, blinds, carpet (from all major manufacturers), hardwood, and laminate is what makes Je Vaun's a remarkable place to shop. Since we are a preferred dealer, we can offer the best possible discounts on our products, none the less, a job done to perfection!

Je Vaun's has offered all customers free in-home estimates for draperies, blinds, as well as flooring. Our installers are highly qualified, licensed, and bonded. Our clients are always our highest priority. We have successfully remained in business over the years because of our low prices and great customer service. We would also like to thank our customers for their repeat and continuous referrals to their family and friends!

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Offering such a large variety, makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for or better! Ensuring privacy, precision light control, style, color, child safety, UV protection and energy efficiency are just a few of the many wonderful benefits of a window dressed to impress. Creating a masterpiece is the ideal of others, bringing beauty and personality to place so personal; your home. Quality materials, along with expert craftsmanship, are just the beginning to what you will get with your purchase!

Products of Hunter Douglas are innovative and competitive. In popular demand, they are offering some of the most requested products including Duette and Architella, both patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction forming three air pockets that dramatically reduce heat flow at the window, helping save both energy up to 50%, along with heating and cooling costs. Hunter Douglas ensures a Lifetime guarantee as an expression of desire to provide a satisfying experience with window fashion. Silhouettes with subtlety and signature S-Vane create beautiful gradations of light and shadow. Diffusing softened light deep into a room while still maintaining uv protection along the desired amount of privacy with just a tilt of the vanes. Nantucket is a modern window shade with a beautiful backdrop of sheer fabric while when closed they offer privacy and a soft glow or rolled up they provide a clear view of the outdoors. They’re certainly going to add a refreshing appeal to your home.

Luminettes offer vanes set between translucent sheers allowing the privacy of soft sheer draperies in the Luminette privacy sheers. Precision light control and perfect for large windows and sliding glass doors. Luminette Modern Draperies also offer the other side of the fence with long, softened, solid pleats providing more privacy and creating a tasteful backdrop for any room. Vignette Modern Roman Shades offer a crisp, tailored look with enhanced child safety. While Hunter Douglas still offers many, many more products, you can see here that whatever your need be, we are surely to have a beautiful solution in store for you.

With not only Hunter Douglas, but magnificent products from Century Blinds, Kathy Ireland Home by Alta, Kirsch/Levolor, Skandia Window Fashions, Castec and more, coming in will be a tour that will have you coming back for more!

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Draperies, Valences, Finials, Upholstry, & Trimmings

Fabric for days with every style, opacity, pattern, color and character that could possibly be the perfect match for that hard to design room. Whether your mission is the reupholster furniture set to match a custom drapery and dining room or just to have a cornice box with your favorite material to add that special touch, we do it all! With an amazing seamstress we can create any work of art from a picture or magazine so you can have 'that one from that picture'. Cord, tassels and trimmings are the perfect way to ice your project, giving a neat and complete look, as well as character. Offering a wide variety of valences, rods and finals allow your masterpiece to sit on a, much deserved, pedestal. Transverse rods also make it a cinch to draw open and closed even the heaviest pieces so no matter how beautiful, there will be no tragedy.

Perfection could not be this possible without the help of our amazing installers with years of experience and with customer satisfaction, being such a high priority, we won't settle for less than the best!

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Shutters are a statement; clean, crisp, solid, perfect appearance, to say the least. Mechanical ease of use is also a huge selling point for consumers now days. No strings to get tangled, simple to clean, beautiful and uniform. If your preference is wood shutters, not to worry, we have them. If you want Poly or Composite, we have them too. Basswood shutters have timeless appeal coupled with the benefits of energy efficiency, which transforms to immense savings on energy bills. A great investment for homeowners. Basswood is a strong, light material that has a greater strength-to-weight ratio in its natural form than any other wood product. That strength enables more custom shapes including longer louvers and extensions not possible with plastic or inferior wood products. Basswood has the most consistent color among domestic hardwoods with a very tight and uniform grain and strongest composition of furniture grade wood.

Environmentally, basswood shutters are recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable. Materials only purchased from mills that meet the provisions of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Standard. Ease of maintenance and care, exceptional insulation from heat and cold, and painted with UV inhibiting paint, guaranteeing UV protection. Choose paint or stain, both available in smooth or sandblast finishes. Available for sunbursts, arches, french doors, sliding doors, and other specialty shapes. "Clear View" panel with 3 1/2" or 4 1/2" louvers provides the least unobstructed view, with the tilt bar placed on the back, inner edge of the panel.

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Distributing the leading products for quality in this industry, Shaw, Beaulieu and Mohawk are sure to have the perfect quality you need in a carpet. Carpets being trampled and abused can really take a beating to the live expectancy of your financial investment. With the new technology of carpet; longevity, quality, and stain resistance have come to a whole new level. Shaw with their infamous AnsoNylon has really set the mark high. Never needing to go the landfill is huge for the environment designed to be recycled and is SCS certified with 25% post-consumer carpet content. Shaw recycles more carpet than all others combined...over 100 million pounds in the past 12 months alone. That's something to be proud of when you can be a part of changing and shaping the world for your future family with the power of Green! Extremely Resilient, so no more flat drabby carpet or pockets from furniture position and constant tread. Widely recognized for the highest resilience fibers due to their excellent elastic recovery properties and certified for performance with comprehensive warranties.

Advanced engineering resists soiling and patented R2x (Repellency times 2) combines stain and soil resistance to make total fiber coverage possible and protects after repeated cleanings being that it is 20% tougher. Toughness is testing the fiber itself to see how much energy is required to break the fiber. Toughness is directly related to the performance of carpet and specifically to the resistance of abrasion requiring 20% more energy to break AnsoNylon!

Each with its own benefits, Beaulieu is right up there too, acknowledging that outdoor air quality is very important, but also believing that your indoor air quality is as equally important. Beaulieu is the only carpet manufacturer offering Puralex, an odor neutralizer that lowers VOC's and helps purify the air indoors. In the meantime, they invest in Green Renewable Energy Credits to lessen the indirect role in green house emissions as well as utilizing two pounds of waste for every pound they generate. Magic Fresh odor reducing treatment works to reduce common odors in your home. Silver Release antimicrobial carpet treatment inhibits the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria, as well as mold and mildew. Nexterra backing is a superior and environmentally friendly backing made with a high percentage of post-consumer, recycled waste. Green Smart eco-friendly fiber is made from 100% post-consumer water and soda bottles and recycled into beautiful P.E.T. polyester fiber. SoftSense is a BCF polyester fiber formulated by Beaulieu and found in Bliss HealthyTouch that is both seriously soft and durable. PermaShield advanced stain protection defends your carpet from life's occasional accidents.

Mohawk has a multi faceted product line ranging from soft surfaces to hard surfaces with exceptional features like SmartStrand, Wear-Dated, EverStrand, DuraBeauty Technology, GenuEdge Technology, and Reveal Imaging you are sure to find the perfect flooring solution for your home. Mohawk's sustainable flooring with SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer has make a huge impact for carpet. In a partnership with DuPont, this carpet exclusively offers fiber made with Bio-PDO (the key Sorona ingredient), which is produced from corn sugar. This new ingredient means that 37% of Sorona is being made from renewable resources making it the first time an incredibly soft carpet can offer not only durability and stain protection, but also drastically minimizing environmental impact. The production of Sorona polymer requires 30% less energy than the production of an equal amount of nylon, greenhouse gas emissions are 63% lower than nylon manufacturing, and energy reduction is approximately one gallon of gasoline saved per every seven square yards of carpet.

Stain resistance of SmartStrand carpet is engineered into the fiber and will never wear or wash off, meaning consumers will never need to retreat the carpet with stain protectors after steam cleaning, reaching a new level of protection, allowing tough stains such as mustard, red wine, and cherry Kool-Aid to be removed simply with warm water and a mild detergent!!! It even resists discoloration from bleach. Mohawk and DuPont even decided to put SmartStrand through the ultimate test: The SmartStrand Zoo Challenge

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Mohawk laminate flooring takes all of the characters of a real wood and mocks it to perfection, dare to tell the difference. Rich oaks and hickories, warm maples and cherries, soft teaks and pines and rosewoods and walnuts, that choice is yours. Stone and ceramic featured tiles have beveled edges and the look like elegant stonework. Multiple layers deliberately varied to look and even feel like wood as well as reproducing the effects of centuries-old hand-working techniques to create that perfect vintage. Giving back to the environment is huge with Mohawk ensuring more than 74% pre-consumer recycled content in all laminate products. Additionally, because laminates don't retain allergens or dust mites, they're beneficially hypoallergenic. Easy-clean couldn’t be easier: no waxes, polishes, gooey detergents or abrasive cleaners are ever needed. Mohawk's unique patented glueless locking system, Uniclic, is a lifesaver helping installation to be a quicker and easier task. Garrison, AJ Trading, Tecsun, Virginia Hardwood, Armstrong and Neo Tech are just a few of the others that deliver exceptional products.

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From smooth to distressed, hickory to maple, walnut to cherry and walnut, engineered, solid, or long strip wood planks, we have what you are looking for. Great manufacturers include Garrison, Mohawk, Tecsun, Caspian, Virginia Hardwood and more. Hardwood floors perform differently in various environments. Mohawk features hardwood's CrystalShield, the exclusive Aluminum Oxide Ceramica or Natural Oil finish. Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology gives maximum protection by preventing most dirt and spills — even paint and permanent marker — from adhering. Can your wood do that?

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Beautiful, natural looking stone replica is displayed for ease of access to choose the new member of you home. Porcelain designed to replicate wood for durability and water resilience and prevention of nicks and scrapes are a new popular style among the community. High demand for material that will look real and wear very well, is a demand we meet with no comparison. Come and see for yourself.

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Lynoleum/Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Stone, wood and tile, made simple and easy. Rubber and vinyl coving frame the floor giving it the perfect complete job with quality material. Armstrong, Affinity, VPI and Johnsonite are a few products that people look for in this category and we have them all with various colors sure to match the look you are going for.

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All of our installers and work rooms are licensed, bonded, and insured to do a quality job to perfection for your protection! Only the best for our customers.

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